• Mr. Stefan Meister, General Manager.

    Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina & Casino has been offering its guests the most exciting animal encounters the Caribbean has to offer for the past four years. Since its debut, this beautiful sanctuary has become a destination of choice for all those looking to explore the glorious sites of the Dominican Republic.

    Its owner and president, Mr. L. A. Meister, created this magnificent refuge because of his love for animals. His dedication and passion for his work led to Ocean World, and now, the company’s main goal is to offer guests a real taste of pleasure, Dominican style. Ocean World quickly became a success and today, it is literally providing visitors with a chance to experience paradise on earth.


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    Ocean World Marina and Casino is now open for your night entertainment.
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    Ocean World Adventure Park gives you the unique opportunity to meet the dolphins. Participate to a dolphin swim program and you'll have the chance to learn about this intelligent mammals and meet them up close in our lagoon. You'll touch them, feed them, hug them and even dance with them!